From our passion for the beautiful inside of the house, from our love for French and English style, from the mix of the classic and the contemporary, here comes Pappacorda Atelier. For us fondness for exceptional things, expressed in how we care for the beauty of home is more than just words. Attention to detail is focal in our attitude, and it is reflected in constant seeking of individual and unique furniture, selection of exceptional fabric and renovation in line with both classic and modern formulas.

We have expertise in finding original and unusual items which are very specific, thus making the interior very personal in its character. Therefore, cooperation with you is vitally important for us, as we would like to make ourselves acquainted with your expectations.

Our work is more than creating and selling. It is the communion with a part of living art which is expressed in forming the space around you. It is to fulfil the need of practical furnishings, comfort and aesthetics. We love to transform. Through the transformation, our pieces of furniture receive the second life in shape, colour and texture – we influence your space whether it’s a small studio, a luxury apartment, a house, a villa or even a commercial place such as a restaurant, hotel or store.


The furniture made by us is full of life, warmth, cosiness and individual character. All of this is needed in personal interaction of a human being with surrounding objects…It is amazing how a small piece of furniture, an armchair, a sofa or a chair can miraculously transform the look of the interior. It will be real pleasure to help you creating and transforming your space.

We are enthusiastic about our work and our enthusiasm is at your disposal.  

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